Sensory Stixx (Number one selling hand fidget for children), Love the Sensory Stick in my opinion

The yesterday. I'm looking for information on the Sensory Stixx (Number one selling hand fidget for children), so i would like to describe here.

Sensory Stixx (Number one selling hand

The all new Sensory Stixx product is from the makers of Chew Stixx and the hugely popular Tactile Tiger Hand Brush and Arm Band. This fidget offers its user a hand sized instant sensory stimulation and draws little attention to itself in order to avoid anxiety from other onlookers. Easily fits in pocket purse or book bag and is dishwasher safe. Unit measures 4.75 inches long .... Read more or Check Price

Customer Reviews Purchased this product

My son loves the Stixx sensory 1st time we used them. Only very tempted to chew on them. by Valerie Peters

I bought these for my husband sticks sensory. Casually takes his skin when you're focusing on the work or watch a movie but these help distract your fingers. by kes

I bought these as well. However my son has lost every way another re- order is on the way. Please provide these in large quantities to order. by angela davis

This is a great tool for adults and children. I use it in my counseling sessions and my clients like to keep it as he spoke with me about their problems . by TLC Account

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