Abilitations, These are awesome My girls have mental health issues and these ... in my opinion

A couple of days ago. I search for information on the Abilitations Pencil Fidgets - Set of 4 Pencils with Fidgets - Assorted, so i would like to describe here.

Abilitations Pencil Fidgets - Set of 4

Have kids who break their pencils Chew off their erasers Destroy all their writing tools Pencil Fidgets are the answer. Set includes four pencils each with a different fidget (Spin Snapper Nut N Bolt Wingnut and Bump N Run Maze). So let them fidget and focus. Pencil style may vary.. Read more or Check Price

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These are cute and fun to watch. I would not have made more noise they make. My son can not be used as planned because it distracts the other around here with the noise it makes . by SteelMaggie

These are awesome My girls have mental health problems and these are great on their own toys Fidget pencil in class. Works great by T. Nation

My son is the online school and is in front of a computer most of the time sometimes it's hard for him to focus on what is presented. by brstor

It is a great help for my son nine years in the classroom. Prior to these he would continually sharpen his pencils at his desk to stay focused. by Mom of Two Boys

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