Review Body Pod Sensory Sock (7-Sizes) Large, but like I said it seems to fit her needs

The yesterday. I'm looking for information on the Body Pod Sensory Sock (7-Sizes) Large Royal Blue, so i would like to describe here.

Body Pod Sensory Sock (7-Sizes) Large

Bipgear Body Pods Autism Socks are translucent tubular sleeves made of high quality Spandex material. Body Pods Therapy Socks provide fun playtime activity for boys and girls. Children with developmental delays or sensory disabilities can use Body Pods Sensory Socks to improve their skills. The Bod Pod pushes back against the child's movement. This helps children with coordination .... Read more or Check Price

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My daughter nine years really enjoys this sock sensory so much that I wanted to put a little small feet so that does not flatten herself so completely when moving around ... by A. taylor

Love Love Love .. wish the sizing was more descriptive .. I need a little more because it was not the right size.. so an older child is enjoying by sweetnika

My kids have so much fun with this silly. They take on the trampoline and jump roll bounce in it. They use it as a sleeping bag. They snuggle with our puppies etc.. by D. V. Baker

I bought this for my sister adult who is on the autism spectrum ( formerly called aspberger of ). The only real problem is that the higher you go the wider becomes so if you are a ... by Alexandra

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